By Genusis
This is a cloned and modified version of marlin setup for the Sunlu S8 3D printer. you can compile this using Visual Code or Arduino IDE. Both can upload directly if you set the Com ports correctly if on windows OR if on linux the correct tty usb port.
If you can not get the usb port to work you can build the project and grab the .hex file it makes and place it on the SD card to upgrade the firmware that way as well.

If you need help setting this up or have any questions feel free to get in touch with me on Discord (genusis#1548) or on the forums here.

I have tested this and printed several models thus far. This also makes the board leveler add more points so the board is better adjusted and it also has a option for just corner leveling as well. All the original options are enabled that it comes with and i even enabled the ability to G code filament changes which i do not believe the old had enabled. so you can modify the G code to allow different filaments to be used in different spots. just note doing so will add a lot of time and will need you available to do the change.
Hello my friend, thanks for your work, but the filament sensor does not work and when printing stops due to electrical failure when resuming printing the extruder starts a little lower colliding with the printing,I have returned to the previous software and everything works perfect
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By Lindacap
I loaded the firmware and it works well. I can level the piano but when the printing starts, the noozle is too high. which commands do I have to write in the slicer gcode to take account of the leveling?

Hi there, the S8 is my first printer and I´m[…]