By Howling Wolf
I follow your bed level procedure and I am not getting the correct results.
I use the provided bed leveling through the dial button Prepare/Bed Level

it goes to the first location , i use a piece of paper and adjust it so i feel resistance on the paper.

Do i then set the Z offset to zero or what value? (i dont see a purpose to enter a number here? your video shows +.2mm what is this value used for?

I would like to use this feature instead of manually moving the printer around and setting my z-height and adjusting with a piece of paper.
By sunlurocky
set the Z offset to zero is ok
The main purpose here is to keep the distance between the nozzle and the hot bed at 0.1mm.
so we use a piece of paper and adjust it so i feel resistance on the paper.
By RikC3D
I have to do Bed leveling 4 or 5 times to get a correct adjusted bed level. I think it's due to large bed.
Moreover, I think the springs are too flexible so I have to do bed leveling very often, after 2 or 3 prints.
By dcu74
I am a newby and I am trying to understand the bed levelling procedure. Not so easy. I did a try and the tried to print one of the two samples but each layout is separated from the previous one, straigth lines do not print straight and there are often like bubbles on the PLA.
D0n't know if all those problems are linked
By Harry Macias
Good. The hot bed thing is simple, you go to the menu Bed Leveling adjust the 4 angles with a piece of paper and rub it a bit, you have to do it twice because when you adjust the front points when adjusting the rear you can adjust these. On the other hand, so that the printing balls do not come out in the tests, save everything that the card has on a hard disk and format the card to Fat32 and the problem of the bundles is over. For the other lines and separations that do not stick, it is to play with the printing temperature and the bed and the retraction speed of the material. When everything is correct the printer goes well. Luck. Greetings.
By Martinovic
Hello there,

i ve just got the S8 3D printer over Amazon and installed it- have a problem with bed leveling;
the nozzle is too far from the bed, and the adjusting knob underneath cannot adjust the bed to the distance of aprox. 0,1 mm to scratch the paper.
Where ist the problem?
If i do not solve this problem i am going to return the product to Sunlu back.
Thanks a lot,
Kind regards, Ivo
By Vicki
I had the same problem, I solved it by running the knobs at all 4 points all the way up (make sure your extractor is in the home position), then you can adjust the bed as needed.

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